Tell the story of a dark-skinned queen.
Tell the world how her skin-tone gave people a reason to deny her dreams.
Tell of the millions who behind closed doors wanted a taste
Tell of how she was ridiculed for putting them in their place.
Tell of how it was her own people who tried to keep her down.
Tell of their anger when they saw their attempts would never keep her down...

A living catch 22-
Damned because I do stand as the world's most desirable luxury
Damned because I don't fit what the followers' culture defines as beauty.
I leave what they think to them and live my life as me
GOD took HIS time to create me
I live to become what he envisioned
There's no time to worry about what their shades of ignorance prevent them from seeing

In a world where I'm not supposed to think I'm beautiful,
Where some will find what they're searching for but will never know
That not conforming to what they wanted
Was enough pressure to turn me into a diamond from coal.
I continue to go through the world
Because the beauty they tried to stop her from speaking
Refuses to go unheard
They fear addiction.
I offer a high greater than Kush
A pain reliever for every physical and mental affliction.
How much longer will they deny
They're dying for a chance to sink their teeth into it
Their guiltiest pleasure in life secretly shared-
Convincing themselves to ignore how much they really love chocolate

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